Till Death Do Us … Part?

Hey Guys and Dolls. How is it going? Super well here. Just got caught up on all my edits and now I am about to post a blog about this style shoot that has been on the drawing board for some time now. I was very honored to be working with such an amazing team on this shoot. They all helped me make my dream/goal a reality. But it kind of became something more, because my models really got into character and it kind of became a story. So I am super excited to be sharing not just this shoot with you, but the story. So please sit back and enjoy Till Death Do Us… Part?



Till Death Do Us….





They killed this guy for his car! Muhaha




Zombie Wife Model: Megan Garrison

Zombie Husband Model: Jeff Hawkins

Zombie Make-up: Shery’s Beauty

Zombie Wife Model Hair: Shery’s Beauty

Zombie Husband Model Hair: Andrew Pionke

Special Thanks for Daniel and Gabriela Lundgren for loaning us your beautiful car. ❤