Throw Back Thursday … What?

So in honor of throw back thursday… lol #TBT, I decided to post not one, but two blogs. This is the first one and it is a throw back. One of my favorite photo shoots with one of my favorite peoples in the whole wide world. I have about two handfuls of favorite peoples and I am sure to be be posting some photo shoots with them at some point or already have.

Anyway, here are the photos from this shoot that was done in 2013. Crazy how time flies. Hope you enjoy these photos. Also keep a look out for the second blog this evening, that is not a throw back, but from a few weeks ago.


Valdez Girls’ Gift for their Dad

Good morning Guys and Dolls. How are you all doing? Not to bad here. Still super busy, doing lots and lots of editing and getting ready for another wedding this weekend.

Anyway, I am so happy to finally get to share this photo session with you. I have been dying to share it, but it had to remain top secret until these girls got to give their dad a book they had made for him from this shoot. It was so sweet when their aunt came to me and said I have this idea I want to do and from their a plan started hatching. They wanted to include things he loves, like his truck, soccer, etc. So here is the photos from their session. I hope you all enjoy them.



90th Birthday Celebration

Hello Guys and Dolls. So I promised to post at least a blog every week and this is me keeping good on that promise.

This photo event was an amazing one. I am so happy I got to be there for this beautiful day. What a rich life this man has. Such an amazing family who loves him and his beautiful wife by his side. This is what 90 years looks like and I can’t say it enough, but it is beautiful, amazing and full. This is what we should all want from life.

Thank you to this amazing family for letting me have the honor to take these photos.


Rochelle’s Fairy Tale Shoot

Hey lovely Guys and Dolls. So I have been dying to post this shoot I did a few months ago, but I have been so busy… and well still am. But I decided now would be an amazing time to post it, lol, I have waited long enough.

So with that in mind I call this one, Rochelle’s Fairy Tale Shoot. My amazing friend had this dress she always wanted to wear and well, I was so up for an adventure, It thought, “Hey here is the perfect shoot.” So we went out on an adventure and had a lot of fun with this shoot. So please show lots of love to the Amazing Princess Rochelle! 🙂


Castaneda & Rodriguez Engagement 2017

Hello Guys and Dolls. So I am back with another one today… I know, 2 blogs in one day. But I really wanted to get to share this engagement session with all of you who read my blog.

I was super excited to get to work with this wonderful couple and even more excited I get to work with them again in a few months to capture the start of their next chapter. Really hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.


Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins Wedding

Hey lovely guys and dolls. I promised I would get another blog up this week. So that is what I am doing. Because I haven’t really posted anything from last year, I am going to post a wedding we did at the end of the year. I am going to try and get the ones up from this year every week or so and in between throw some of the past ones in when I have some extra time. So bare with me, if I don’t get a bunch up right away. I do have a few weddings and events coming up in the next few weeks, which I already know I am going to be dying to show you all.

This wedding was for a friend of mine. I have known her for a very long time and have gotten to know her now husband. They are always a blast to hang out with and we have had some adventures doing other shoots, like the Rat Pack shoot a few years ago. (I am going to post this one so everyone can see what the Rat Pack shoot is.) So when she said she wanted me to be the photographer for her wedding, I just had to say yes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos from this beautiful day. This is really a special memory for myself.


Unplugged Weddings? Is it for you?

Hey all, I am back, I just cleaned up my blog a lot and gave it a small face lift. I am also doing this on  my web site but that is a massive project. This should be done by the end of July. But enough about that…

To the point of this awesome blog, Unplugged Weddings. What does that mean to you the bride and groom? Well lets start with what an unplugged wedding is. This is a wedding where your guest put away all their phones, cameras, and anything technology. Pretty much as another photographer put it, “I want to capture your face, not your phone case.” But what does this mean, as a bride you might be thinking, well I am going to get more photos if everyone is snapping. However, this is why you hired a photographer, to capture those moments for you and your guest, so that you and your guest can enjoy every moment of your special day.

But lets break it down, lets go over the pros and cons to this unplugged wedding idea.

Pros –

  • Everyone will get to enjoy your special day
  • Your photographer will be able to do their job to their fullest and make sure to capture the priceless expressions of your guest and you.
  • Weddings are about your special day and having Uncle John’s camera in your first dance photo might ruin it.
  • No phones means your guest will interact with each other. (Lets prove to them that conversations are alive and well and we don’t need phones ever second of our lives.)

Cons –

  • Sure your are going to get a lot of photos, but do you really want to see everyone’s cameras and cell phones and not the people taking the photos?
  • Your paid photographer for your wedding is not going to be able to get those shots, because everyone will be trying to take them too and most likely someone’s head will get in the photo. (The back side of heads, not a good photobomb.)
  • Aunt Kim is just learning how to use her smart phone to take a photo and your going to be in that pose for about an hour. (Say good-bye to that first course of food.)
  • Some people will chat it up, but most people will be snapping photos and then uploading them to some social media site and conversations will be lacking.
  • Did I mention Uncle John’s camera?

Extra points!!!

  • However you will have some epic selfies!!!

So pretty much, yes it is cool to take a selfie with the Bride and Groom, it’s cool to ask uncle John to take a photo of you and your friends at the wedding. But it is not cool for them to miss those really special moments, first kiss as husband and wife, first dance, the cake, Uncle John doing the chicken dance, etc. Jokes aside, make sure your special moment is enjoyed, not just by your guest, but by you. Technology is great, but sometimes it can get in the way.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully you will find your answer to the question, is it for you?