Some Wednesday Pin-Up Love Part 1

Hey Guys and Dolls, how is it going? Good I hope. For me I have been super busy with a lot of shoots, the change of my web site, some up coming projects and well everyday life. Even though I have been all sorts of busy, I really wanted to do this Wednesday Pin-Up Love blog, because I have gotten to work with some amazing ladies who have done Pin-Up projects with me. So every Wednesday I am going to post another Pin-Up session I have worked on and show some love to the lovely ladies I have worked with. 🙂

First up is one of my first Pin-Up shoots with three amazing ladies who kept their cool in 108 degree weather. Please show some love for these beautiful ladies. Also special thanks to Daniel and Gabby for letting us use their amazing car for this shoot and to Harvey House for letting us do some photos on the platform.


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