Mr. & Mrs. Greer

“You’re the most beautiful kind of magic. The kind that I can finally feel and believe in without having to close my eyes.” -Zachry K. Douglas

Hey Guys and Dolls, I am back with another one, blog that is. I am so excited to get to share this blog with you. I just love this couple and was so happy to be apart of there special day. I have been very blessed to get to work with couples this year, that are so in love. Love isn’t words, but rather a look, a feeling, a touch and you could see it every time these two beautiful people looked at each other. So now I am going to get to the part you all want to see, the photos. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.

Also to Mr. & Mrs. Greer and all of your family and friends, thank you for letting us be apart of your special day.


Some Wednesday Pin-Up Love Part 1

Hey Guys and Dolls, how is it going? Good I hope. For me I have been super busy with a lot of shoots, the change of my web site, some up coming projects and well everyday life. Even though I have been all sorts of busy, I really wanted to do this Wednesday Pin-Up Love blog, because I have gotten to work with some amazing ladies who have done Pin-Up projects with me. So every Wednesday I am going to post another Pin-Up session I have worked on and show some love to the lovely ladies I have worked with. 🙂

First up is one of my first Pin-Up shoots with three amazing ladies who kept their cool in 108 degree weather. Please show some love for these beautiful ladies. Also special thanks to Daniel and Gabby for letting us use their amazing car for this shoot and to Harvey House for letting us do some photos on the platform.


Mr. & Mrs. Boykin

Hey lovely Guys and Dolls, I am back with another blog. I know it has been over a week from the last time I posted one, but this one is very special. I love working with couples you can truly see how in love they are and this couple is in love. There is one thing to loving someone, but a whole different thing to being in love. In love, is like air. You need that person like you need air to breathe. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos from this amazing couple’s beautiful day.



Eddie & Laurie Forever Engagement

Hello again Guys and Dolls. So yesterday I was going to be posting this as the second blog, but it didn’t happen. Instead my little girl happened. So sorry this was a day late, but I am super excited to be sharing more photos from this photo session with you.

This couple was super cute and their location was some what different. However, I must say the location really added a poetic feel and it was more beautiful then some parks I have been to.

So when you think of marriage, do you think of till death do us part or forever? When I think of this couple, I think forever. Anyway, here are the photos from their session. I really hope you enjoy these.


Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Shain

Hello all my lovely Guys and Dolls. So I am back with another blog as promised. Let me start out with saying what an honor it was to be apart of this special day. This couple was just amazing to work with. Everything about this wedding extraordinary, from the dress that the beautiful bride designed, to the grooms handmade ring for the bride, to the location they were married at.

This amazing couple was married Bracken Fern Manor. It was built and once owned by the great mobster Bugsy Siegel. It opened in 1929 and was comprised of three individual buildings consisting of a private gambling club, a brothel, a speakeasy,  guest quarters, tennis courts, Olympic-sized swimming pool,  barbershop, a private gas station, horse stables, etc. It also had a highly-coveted supply of artesian well water – which was used in the making of moonshine. However it is now just a hotel and a great place to dine. It is also perfect for anyone looking to have that 1920’s style wedding!!!

So now to the part I know you are all waiting for, the photos. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.


Additional Information

Also if you are looking for a wonderful Wedding Coordinator, Elyse Sherman was just a doll! Her information is below.

Wedding Coordinator – Elyse Sherman –

Throw Back Thursday … What?

So in honor of throw back thursday… lol #TBT, I decided to post not one, but two blogs. This is the first one and it is a throw back. One of my favorite photo shoots with one of my favorite peoples in the whole wide world. I have about two handfuls of favorite peoples and I am sure to be be posting some photo shoots with them at some point or already have.

Anyway, here are the photos from this shoot that was done in 2013. Crazy how time flies. Hope you enjoy these photos. Also keep a look out for the second blog this evening, that is not a throw back, but from a few weeks ago.